Version History

Version History

Latest Pre-release

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev3
Release Date: 2017-08-20 20:58:43
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview 3
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev2.

* Fixed Layer options test being displayed black the first time it is displayed
* Fixed the Equalizer layer options being displayed offset
* Fixed LControl being included when Alt GR is pressed. Thanks @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed not being able to patch the Logitech wrapper properly.
* Changed input tracking system to use RawInput to prevent input lag. Thanks @VoronFX!
* Fixed Enabled option in Context menu for application bar
* Fixed Aurora not exiting properly from a minimized state
* Fixed excluded processes option not working properly
* Added layout for Razer Blade
* Fixed int Script Variables resetting to default
* Fixed Foreground app scan
* Fixed issues with getting names of processes that are elevated. Thanks @VoronFX!
* Hopefully fixed issues with finding the CUE SDK files when Aurora is launched in certain ways
* Fixed UI returning to layer options when the layer manager is clicked

* Fixed not being able to properly assign Alt Gr in the shortcut assistant layer
* Added option to the Shortcut Assistant layer to press any of the same modifier key to trigger it
* Fixed not being able to remove shortcuts from the Shortcut Assistant layer
* Corrected Shortcut Assistant to show both normal and numpad keys if applicable
* Fixed Gradients not carrying over properly from older profiles
* Fixed the current profile not changing when the first profile is deleted

* Fixed Dota 2 and other GSI Applications not working properly
* Added info and link for BeardLib requirement in the PD2 overview
* Add note about League of Legends EnableLightFx config. Thanks @lucasvanhalst!
* Fixed CSGO preview showing multiple team options
* Fixed an issue with Dota 2 profiles carrying over from older versions

* Fixed Swiss and Turkish keyboard layouts
* Fixed Cooler Master keyboards not working when a mouse is selected
* Shifted CM num 4,5,6 keys to hopefully light properly
* Added K95 light edge

Download Count: 2234
Update Size: 10.06 MB
Download: Download Here

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev2
Release Date: 2017-07-27 00:52:33
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview 2
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev2.

* Fixed the GUI flashing when it is supposed to start minimised
* Fixed the Away Effects not working
* Fixed wrapper lighting not working properly
* Fixed wrapper lighting being shown instead of desktop when tabbed out of the game
* Added option to return to default lighting (CUE, LGS, etc) when desktop is disabled
* Changed log file naming scheme to sort properly when sorted by name
* Aurora is now forced to run as Admin and will run as admin on startup
* Fixed Corsair integration not working on startup
* Fixed Aurora not being brought to the foreground when a new instance is attempted
* Added support for Borderlands 2. Thanks to @LukasACH!

* Fixed Shortcut Assistant/Interactive layers not working properly when Aurora is launched in a minimised state
* Added option to the Equalizer Layer for scaling with system sound
* Improved Interactive layer performance when using macros with rapid key presses
* Added option to Interactive Layer to start the effect when the key is released. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed memory leak in Equalizer layer
* Fixed Numpad keys (Enter, Home, End, etc) being treated as the non-Numpad versions in the Interactive layer. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed crash when removing all text in some Animation editor options. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!

* Added layout for Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M
* Added layout for Corsair K95 Platinum (No light bar yet)
* Cooler Master devices should now be displayed in the Devices tab when connected
* Added support for SteelSeries devices. Thanks to @brainbug89 and @ToadKing!
* Added Swiss keyboard layout

* Added new variables to the Gamestate

=GTA 5=
* Fixed the lighting not working properly

Download Count: 635
Update Size: 9.78 MB
Download: Download Here

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev
Release Date: 2017-06-23 20:36:31
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev.

* Redesigned the Updater (It will now look and work better, I promise!)
* Added a Scripts Layer
* Added a device manager
* Added Layer options (smoothing, excluded keys, and opacity)
* Added Layer Reset button
* Added a preview window for the Equalizer Layer
* Added Animations Editor
* Added Animation Layer
* Added multi-key keyboard shortcuts to the Shortcut Assistant Layer
* Added CUE profile imports (NOTE: It works, but isn't complete.)
* Added Profile Manager (with ability to assign shortcuts to profiles, import, and more)
* Reworked Profiles saving. Profiles will now be used and saved directly from the file rather than being loaded & saved into a default profile
* Added a Glitch Layer
* Readded a generic peripheral option for mice
* Fixed Ambilight not working with multiple monitors
* Fixed Breathing & Blinking layers not working properly with transparent colors
* Fixed copy-pasting layers multiple times not actually making unique copies
* Fixed Updater crashing on Windows Startup
* Moved Logs to AppData (there is also now a button in debug to show logs folder)
* Removed mouse click hooking (it was causing performance issues with games)
* Fixed the Volume Overlay not working
* Fixed lighting not switching to the selected preview or the foreground application.
* Fixed an issue where profiles would not be saved on application exit
* Added the option for presets to the Shortcut Assistant Layer
* Fixed Application disabling
* Fixed the 'Excluded Processes' drop down in settings freezing the application
* Added option to control whether Overlays/Underlays should be shown in Application previews
* Fixed disabled devices not saving
* Added option for Global brightness
* Fixed Device Initialization being retried when it isn't necessary
* Added Turkish keyboard layout
* Added Nordic keyboard layout. Thanks @kaporten!
* Added option to automatically update to the latest development release

* Fixes for Logitech Wrapper
* Fixes for LightFX wrapper
* Fixes for Razer Wrapper

* Fixes for MasterKeys keyboards
* Added support for Masterkeys Pro M & S White. Thanks @brainbug89!
* Added FN Key to the Logitech keyboards
* Fixed Corsair K95 G18 key position

=Dota 2=
* Fixed compatibility with older profiles

* Fixed a small performance issue with the bomb effect
* Fixed a critical issue with the CSGO Background Layer Handler which caused it to not function

=The Division=
* Fixed the Division not working properly

=Skype Integration=
* Fixed the "Start Skype Integration Listener" not working when Aurora has been launched on startup.

Download Count: 491
Update Size: 8.93 MB
Download: Download Here


Aurora 0.6.0b Beta
Release Date: 2017-01-10 01:20:09
Description: Corrections and Fixes
* Resolved a crash related to copy-pasting layers
* Added Scripting support for Custom Application Profiles
* Resolved an issue with profiles not loading properly
* Added a helpful message for network listener Access Denied errors

* Added more capture types for Ambilight layer (can capture specific applications now)

Download Count: 28577
Update Size: 8.73 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.6.0 Beta
Release Date: 2017-01-08 21:57:58
Description: Layer Management & Better Virtual Layouts
* Added Scalable UI
* Added Layer Manager (giving users more control)
* Added ability to copy-paste layers
* Added ability to select keycaps
* Added ability to hide profiles via right clicking them
* Added Idle - Blackout away effect
* Added Idle - Matrix away effect
* Added options to disable keyboard/mouse/headset lighting
* Added option to select application detection mode
* Added support for Worms W.M.D
* Added support for Blade and Soul
* Converted all supported games to Layers
* Fixed radial gradient incorrectly performing zoom in/out animation
* Added option to dim background when controlling volume
* Optimized Wrappers

* Added option to restore LEDs on desktop profile
* Improved Logitech G910 support
* Added Logitech G810 layout
* Added Logitech G410 layout
* Added Logitech G900 mouse layout
* Added Corsair K95 layout
* Added Corsair K70 layout
* Added Corsair K65 layout
* Added Corsair STRAFE layout
* Added Corsair Sabre mouse layout
* Added Corsair M65 mouse layout
* Added Corsair Katar mouse layout
* Added Cooler Master support
* Added Razer Blackwidow layout
* Added Razer Blackwidow X layout
* Added Razer Blackwidow TE layout
* Added Masterkeys Pro L layout
* Added Masterkeys Pro S layout
* Added Clevo support
* Added Clevo layout
* Added Clevo Touchpad mouse layout
* Added AtmoOrb support

* Added Solid Color layer
* Added Solid Fill Color layer
* Added Gradient layer
* Added Gradient Fill layer
* Added Breathing layer
* Added Blinking layer
* Added Percent layer
* Added Percent (Gradient) layer
* Added Interactive layer
* Added Shortcut Assistant layer
* Added Equalizer layer
* Added Ambilight layer
* Added Lock-Indicator layer

* Updater no longer requires admin
* Updater automatically restarts Aurora

Download Count: 158
Update Size: 8.73 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.2 Beta (Minor)
Release Date: 2016-11-21 03:10:52
Description: Pointers Update
* Updated pointers for Rocket League

Aurora 0.5.1d Beta
Release Date: 2016-10-08 16:53:27
Description: Logitech layout and GTA 5 police siren fix
* Fixed issues with foreign Logitech Layouts
* Fixed skype integration crash
* Updated Razer sdk

=Grand Theft Auto 5=
* Fixed police siren effect

Download Count: 197
Update Size: 6.96 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1c Beta
Release Date: 2016-10-04 05:08:18
Description: Logitech SDK update & Corsair MM800
* Updated Logitech LED SDK with support for G-keys (Note! Does NOT include updated Logitech LED SDK Wrapper)
* Added support for Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Download Count: 76
Update Size: 6.94 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1b Beta
Release Date: 2016-09-24 00:41:55
Description: CUE 2 fix
* Fixed issues related to Corsair devices while using CUE 2

Download Count: 83
Update Size: 7.71 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1a Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-12 20:14:40
Description: Rocket League fixes
* Fixed profiles not detecting properly

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers
* Fixed an issue where Rocket League profile would not display

Download Count: 77
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1 Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-12 00:19:30
Description: Small fixes
* Fixed a crash related to networking on foreign machines

Download Count: 77
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.0 Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-11 18:04:39
Description: Scripting support & Wrapper Updates
* Fixed a crash with Color Zones
* Added Profile reset button
* Fixed input lag
* Changed device retry times to 15 instead of 10
* Added a new option to allow Aurora start minimized
* Added a new option to allow wrappers to display over desktop profile
* Wrappers will update lighting properly when outside of the game
* Added option for Shortcut Assistant to dim the background
* Aurora will no longer exit when there's no keyboard plugged in
* Added an easy way to apply wrapper patches
* Performance fixes related to saving configs
* Performance fix for retrieving currently active window
* Added C# and Python scripting for profiles and devices
* Added Razer keypad support
* Added support for Battlefield 3
* Added support for Blacklight: Retribution
* Added support for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
* Added support for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
* Added support for Serious Sam 3
* Added support for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
* Added support for XCOM: Enemy Unknown
* Added support for Evolve Stage 2
* Added support for Metro: Last Light
* Added support for Guild Wars 2

=LightFX Wrapper=
* Completed the wrapper, it should work with any LightFX supported game

=Razer Wrapper=
* Fixed 32-bit version of Razer Wrapper not working.
* Made wrapper compatible with Chroma sample programs, it should work with any Chroma supported game
* Added mouse lighting

=Skype Integration=
* Fixed skype integration application not closing when Aurora is closed

* Overwatch profile now has dedicated color enhancement options
* Overwatch now supports mouse effects (reapply overwatch patch to enable this)

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers

Download Count: 96
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.6 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-30 22:14:17
Description: Gradient Color Zones & Sub-Profiles
* Fixed issue with Aurora not launching on Windows startup.
* Added a 10 times retry every 5 seconds for initializing devices. This should help with Windows startup.
* Standardized keyboard layouts.
* Added Sub-Profiles for all profiles. You can share profiles with others by sharing the .json files for the sub-profile.
* Added custom gradients for color zones.
* Added "Arrow Flow" and "Key Wave (filled)" interactive effects.

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers

Download Count: 71
Update Size: 5.00 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.5 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-15 21:16:51
Description: Skype Integration
* Added Skype Overlay (Found under settings -> Skype Overlay)
* Added a prompt for user when closing Aurora, you can now minimize or exit instead of always minimizing.
* Changed the algorithm for color enhancing for Logitech devices, only dark colors should be affected on a linear scale.
* Increased the Interactive effects max speed to 20x.
* Fixed Aurora issues on exit.
* Fixes for German and Japanese keyboard layouts (Logitech)

=Skype Overlay=
* Included unread messages indicator.
* Included incoming calls indicator.

Download Count: 73
Update Size: 4.91 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.4 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-13 05:04:05
Description: Fixes, optimizations, and layout updates
* Made Notice on keyboard preferences more visible
* Fixed a crash on startup, related to Steam games
* Fixes for Logitech French and German layouts (Corsair and Razer need testing)
* Added a Japanese layout for Logitech (it's incomplete, but should be relatively functional)

=Razer Wrapper=
* Optimized the code

If you had applied the Razer Wrapper with Overwatch before, please reapply it again.

Download Count: 71
Update Size: 4.90 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.3 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-10 08:37:40
Description: LightFX wrapper, support for more games
* Added Preferences for keyboard brand and layout
* Added LightFX wrapper
* Added League of Legends support
* Added Hotline Miami support
* Added The Talos Principle support
* Added two region specific keys to Razer wrapper
* Fixed win key assignments in Shortcut Assistant
* A few German Layout fixes

* Fixed kills indicator checkbox not working properly

=League of Legends=
* League of Legends reacts to player HP, when damaged, healed, or killed.
* Custom Lighting Zones

=Hotline Miami=
* Hotline Miami has a slowly alternating color effect.
* Custom Lighting Zones

=The Talos Principle=
* The Talos Principle changes color based on the puzzle color you are in.
* Custom Lighting Zones

Download Count: 82
Update Size: 4.90 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.2 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-06 21:16:58
Description: Minor fixes and The Division support
* Fixed some spelling mistakes
* Added The Division support

=Logitech Wrapper=
* Optimized the wrapper to work with The Division
Please apply the wrapper again if you had done in a previous version.

=The Division=
* The Division effects are controlled by the game itself

If you had issues with Overwatch support, please install C++ redistributable for 2015.

Download Count: 76
Update Size: 4.83 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.1 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-05 20:40:18
Description: A small fix
* Removed check for Aurora already running on launch

Download Count: 75
Update Size: 4.81 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.0 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-05 17:17:30
Description: Public release for Aurora
* Updated about screen with more appropriate text.
* Added ability to delete multiple keys at once from a Key Sequence.

* Moved Color Zones behind the CPU and RAM indicators.

=Payday 2=
* Added a Game State indicator to resolve some issues with lighting.

Download Count: 69
Update Size: 4.81 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.3.4 Alpha
Release Date: 2016-06-05 01:56:33
Description: An update for testing team.
* Added Shortcuts Assistant.
* Added Nighttime color zone theme support.
* Changed the About text.
* Added more logging, fatal crashes will now log errors.

* Fixed an issue with new lines not displaying correctly.

=Dota 2=
* Added more ability effects.

Download Count: 78
Update Size: 4.89 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.3.3 Alpha (Minor)
Release Date: 2016-06-04 17:12:02
Description: A Test for updater.
Initial release.

Aurora 0.3.3 Alpha
Release Date: 2016-06-04 17:10:39
Description: A Test for updater.
Initial release.
-Testing new lines
-Do I need to fix updater?

Download Count: 82
Update Size: 4.88 MB
Download: Download Here