Version History

Version History


Aurora 0.6.1-dev4
Release Date: 2018-02-13 15:58:18
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview 4
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev4.

## Important Note
You can now get the latest builds through Appveyor, these builds are created every time I make a commit so you can use it to get some of these dev updates earlier before I make a release like this. However, it can come at a cost as it could be unstable. You can find the latest, bleeding edge builds [here](https://ci.appveyor.com/project/antonpup/aurora/build/artifacts) which can also be found in the readme.

## General
* The startup task for Aurora will now update if you move the install directory
* The startup task will automatically be created when you first launch Aurora (i.e It will start on boot by default)
* The KeySequence control will now display the keys as how they appear on the virtual keyboard rather than what is in that position on the US layout
* Added option to run the Aurora process at High priority
* Log files are now unique to one instance of Aurora. Only the most recent 6 logs will be kept. (It would be advisable to clear out old log files under %appdata%/Aurora/Logs as they will not be automatically removed)
* Fixed Volume overlay not working
* Updated Installer URL
* Fixed crash when minimizing Aurora
* Corrected version history link
* Moved the Pre-release updates option to the Updates tab
* Switched updater to update through Github releases rather than the website

## Applications (Previously known as Profiles)
Where profiles are the actual configuration of layers that are used for the application.
* Fixed Generic applications not deleting properly
* The Generic Apps' "Application Name" is now in its settings rather than Profile so it properly carrys over when changing profiles.
* Fixed copying profiles
* Fixed error when deleting the last profile

## Layers
* Changed Wrapper lighting into a layer
- This allows Generic Applications to accept and display wrapper lighting, which also means you can put additional layers on top of(or below!) wrapper lighting for games that have not been properly added to Aurora
* Fixed wrong colours when using HSV. Thanks @LukasACH!
* The Equalizer layer is now known as the "Audio Visualizer layer"
* Fixed visualizer layer freezing after a NAudio exception

## Devices
* Fixed G keys on the Corsair K95 Platinum. Thanks @davidarellano!
* Fixed some minor issues with the K95 Platinum light edge
* Added Brazillian ABNT2 keyboard layout
* Added DVORAK US & International layout
* Corrected naming of Razer macros. Thanks @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed an issue where only the CM Masterkeys Pro L worked. Thanks @snichola!
* Added layouts for the SteelSeries Apex M750 and M750 TKL. Thanks @FHeilmann!
* Changed Devices to update async, so there shouldn't be issues with slow devices slowing down the rest. (I'm looking at you SteelSeries)
* Reverted the CM Num 4,5,6 key coords to the original which hopefully will be the end of this whole back and forth with trying to get these keys to light properly

## Games
* Added Rise of the Tomb Raider support
* Added Dying Light support. Thanks @diogotr7!

Download Count: 15332
Update Size: 11.90 MB
Download: Download Here

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev3
Release Date: 2017-08-20 20:58:43
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview 3
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev3.

* Fixed Layer options test being displayed black the first time it is displayed
* Fixed the Equalizer layer options being displayed offset
* Fixed LControl being included when Alt GR is pressed. Thanks @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed not being able to patch the Logitech wrapper properly.
* Changed input tracking system to use RawInput to prevent input lag. Thanks @VoronFX!
* Fixed Enabled option in Context menu for application bar
* Fixed Aurora not exiting properly from a minimized state
* Fixed excluded processes option not working properly
* Added layout for Razer Blade
* Fixed int Script Variables resetting to default
* Fixed Foreground app scan
* Fixed issues with getting names of processes that are elevated. Thanks @VoronFX!
* Hopefully fixed issues with finding the CUE SDK files when Aurora is launched in certain ways
* Fixed UI returning to layer options when the layer manager is clicked

* Fixed not being able to properly assign Alt Gr in the shortcut assistant layer
* Added option to the Shortcut Assistant layer to press any of the same modifier key to trigger it
* Fixed not being able to remove shortcuts from the Shortcut Assistant layer
* Corrected Shortcut Assistant to show both normal and numpad keys if applicable
* Fixed Gradients not carrying over properly from older profiles
* Fixed the current profile not changing when the first profile is deleted

* Fixed Dota 2 and other GSI Applications not working properly
* Added info and link for BeardLib requirement in the PD2 overview
* Add note about League of Legends EnableLightFx config. Thanks @lucasvanhalst!
* Fixed CSGO preview showing multiple team options
* Fixed an issue with Dota 2 profiles carrying over from older versions

* Fixed Swiss and Turkish keyboard layouts
* Fixed Cooler Master keyboards not working when a mouse is selected
* Shifted CM num 4,5,6 keys to hopefully light properly
* Added K95 light edge

Download Count: 3254
Update Size: 10.06 MB
Download: Download Here

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev2
Release Date: 2017-07-27 00:52:33
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview 2
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev2.

* Fixed the GUI flashing when it is supposed to start minimised
* Fixed the Away Effects not working
* Fixed wrapper lighting not working properly
* Fixed wrapper lighting being shown instead of desktop when tabbed out of the game
* Added option to return to default lighting (CUE, LGS, etc) when desktop is disabled
* Changed log file naming scheme to sort properly when sorted by name
* Aurora is now forced to run as Admin and will run as admin on startup
* Fixed Corsair integration not working on startup
* Fixed Aurora not being brought to the foreground when a new instance is attempted
* Added support for Borderlands 2. Thanks to @LukasACH!

* Fixed Shortcut Assistant/Interactive layers not working properly when Aurora is launched in a minimised state
* Added option to the Equalizer Layer for scaling with system sound
* Improved Interactive layer performance when using macros with rapid key presses
* Added option to Interactive Layer to start the effect when the key is released. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed memory leak in Equalizer layer
* Fixed Numpad keys (Enter, Home, End, etc) being treated as the non-Numpad versions in the Interactive layer. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!
* Fixed crash when removing all text in some Animation editor options. Thanks to @DogeAmazed!

* Added layout for Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M
* Added layout for Corsair K95 Platinum (No light bar yet)
* Cooler Master devices should now be displayed in the Devices tab when connected
* Added support for SteelSeries devices. Thanks to @brainbug89 and @ToadKing!
* Added Swiss keyboard layout

* Added new variables to the Gamestate

=GTA 5=
* Fixed the lighting not working properly

Download Count: 853
Update Size: 9.78 MB
Download: Download Here

[Pre-release] Aurora 0.6.1-dev
Release Date: 2017-06-23 20:36:31
Description: 0.6.1 Development Preview
The following version is functional but may have other issues. Please report them in Issues, and make sure to mention that you're using version 0.6.1-dev.

* Redesigned the Updater (It will now look and work better, I promise!)
* Added a Scripts Layer
* Added a device manager
* Added Layer options (smoothing, excluded keys, and opacity)
* Added Layer Reset button
* Added a preview window for the Equalizer Layer
* Added Animations Editor
* Added Animation Layer
* Added multi-key keyboard shortcuts to the Shortcut Assistant Layer
* Added CUE profile imports (NOTE: It works, but isn't complete.)
* Added Profile Manager (with ability to assign shortcuts to profiles, import, and more)
* Reworked Profiles saving. Profiles will now be used and saved directly from the file rather than being loaded & saved into a default profile
* Added a Glitch Layer
* Readded a generic peripheral option for mice
* Fixed Ambilight not working with multiple monitors
* Fixed Breathing & Blinking layers not working properly with transparent colors
* Fixed copy-pasting layers multiple times not actually making unique copies
* Fixed Updater crashing on Windows Startup
* Moved Logs to AppData (there is also now a button in debug to show logs folder)
* Removed mouse click hooking (it was causing performance issues with games)
* Fixed the Volume Overlay not working
* Fixed lighting not switching to the selected preview or the foreground application.
* Fixed an issue where profiles would not be saved on application exit
* Added the option for presets to the Shortcut Assistant Layer
* Fixed Application disabling
* Fixed the 'Excluded Processes' drop down in settings freezing the application
* Added option to control whether Overlays/Underlays should be shown in Application previews
* Fixed disabled devices not saving
* Added option for Global brightness
* Fixed Device Initialization being retried when it isn't necessary
* Added Turkish keyboard layout
* Added Nordic keyboard layout. Thanks @kaporten!
* Added option to automatically update to the latest development release

* Fixes for Logitech Wrapper
* Fixes for LightFX wrapper
* Fixes for Razer Wrapper

* Fixes for MasterKeys keyboards
* Added support for Masterkeys Pro M & S White. Thanks @brainbug89!
* Added FN Key to the Logitech keyboards
* Fixed Corsair K95 G18 key position

=Dota 2=
* Fixed compatibility with older profiles

* Fixed a small performance issue with the bomb effect
* Fixed a critical issue with the CSGO Background Layer Handler which caused it to not function

=The Division=
* Fixed the Division not working properly

=Skype Integration=
* Fixed the "Start Skype Integration Listener" not working when Aurora has been launched on startup.

Download Count: 601
Update Size: 8.93 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.6.0b Beta
Release Date: 2017-01-10 01:20:09
Description: Corrections and Fixes
* Resolved a crash related to copy-pasting layers
* Added Scripting support for Custom Application Profiles
* Resolved an issue with profiles not loading properly
* Added a helpful message for network listener Access Denied errors

* Added more capture types for Ambilight layer (can capture specific applications now)

Download Count: 41511
Update Size: 8.73 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.6.0 Beta
Release Date: 2017-01-08 21:57:58
Description: Layer Management & Better Virtual Layouts
* Added Scalable UI
* Added Layer Manager (giving users more control)
* Added ability to copy-paste layers
* Added ability to select keycaps
* Added ability to hide profiles via right clicking them
* Added Idle - Blackout away effect
* Added Idle - Matrix away effect
* Added options to disable keyboard/mouse/headset lighting
* Added option to select application detection mode
* Added support for Worms W.M.D
* Added support for Blade and Soul
* Converted all supported games to Layers
* Fixed radial gradient incorrectly performing zoom in/out animation
* Added option to dim background when controlling volume
* Optimized Wrappers

* Added option to restore LEDs on desktop profile
* Improved Logitech G910 support
* Added Logitech G810 layout
* Added Logitech G410 layout
* Added Logitech G900 mouse layout
* Added Corsair K95 layout
* Added Corsair K70 layout
* Added Corsair K65 layout
* Added Corsair STRAFE layout
* Added Corsair Sabre mouse layout
* Added Corsair M65 mouse layout
* Added Corsair Katar mouse layout
* Added Cooler Master support
* Added Razer Blackwidow layout
* Added Razer Blackwidow X layout
* Added Razer Blackwidow TE layout
* Added Masterkeys Pro L layout
* Added Masterkeys Pro S layout
* Added Clevo support
* Added Clevo layout
* Added Clevo Touchpad mouse layout
* Added AtmoOrb support

* Added Solid Color layer
* Added Solid Fill Color layer
* Added Gradient layer
* Added Gradient Fill layer
* Added Breathing layer
* Added Blinking layer
* Added Percent layer
* Added Percent (Gradient) layer
* Added Interactive layer
* Added Shortcut Assistant layer
* Added Equalizer layer
* Added Ambilight layer
* Added Lock-Indicator layer

* Updater no longer requires admin
* Updater automatically restarts Aurora

Download Count: 272
Update Size: 8.73 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.2 Beta (Minor)
Release Date: 2016-11-21 03:10:52
Description: Pointers Update
* Updated pointers for Rocket League

Aurora 0.5.1d Beta
Release Date: 2016-10-08 16:53:27
Description: Logitech layout and GTA 5 police siren fix
* Fixed issues with foreign Logitech Layouts
* Fixed skype integration crash
* Updated Razer sdk

=Grand Theft Auto 5=
* Fixed police siren effect

Download Count: 647
Update Size: 6.96 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1c Beta
Release Date: 2016-10-04 05:08:18
Description: Logitech SDK update & Corsair MM800
* Updated Logitech LED SDK with support for G-keys (Note! Does NOT include updated Logitech LED SDK Wrapper)
* Added support for Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Download Count: 160
Update Size: 6.94 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1b Beta
Release Date: 2016-09-24 00:41:55
Description: CUE 2 fix
* Fixed issues related to Corsair devices while using CUE 2

Download Count: 170
Update Size: 7.71 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1a Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-12 20:14:40
Description: Rocket League fixes
* Fixed profiles not detecting properly

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers
* Fixed an issue where Rocket League profile would not display

Download Count: 163
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.1 Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-12 00:19:30
Description: Small fixes
* Fixed a crash related to networking on foreign machines

Download Count: 161
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.5.0 Beta
Release Date: 2016-08-11 18:04:39
Description: Scripting support & Wrapper Updates
* Fixed a crash with Color Zones
* Added Profile reset button
* Fixed input lag
* Changed device retry times to 15 instead of 10
* Added a new option to allow Aurora start minimized
* Added a new option to allow wrappers to display over desktop profile
* Wrappers will update lighting properly when outside of the game
* Added option for Shortcut Assistant to dim the background
* Aurora will no longer exit when there's no keyboard plugged in
* Added an easy way to apply wrapper patches
* Performance fixes related to saving configs
* Performance fix for retrieving currently active window
* Added C# and Python scripting for profiles and devices
* Added Razer keypad support
* Added support for Battlefield 3
* Added support for Blacklight: Retribution
* Added support for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
* Added support for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
* Added support for Serious Sam 3
* Added support for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
* Added support for XCOM: Enemy Unknown
* Added support for Evolve Stage 2
* Added support for Metro: Last Light
* Added support for Guild Wars 2

=LightFX Wrapper=
* Completed the wrapper, it should work with any LightFX supported game

=Razer Wrapper=
* Fixed 32-bit version of Razer Wrapper not working.
* Made wrapper compatible with Chroma sample programs, it should work with any Chroma supported game
* Added mouse lighting

=Skype Integration=
* Fixed skype integration application not closing when Aurora is closed

* Overwatch profile now has dedicated color enhancement options
* Overwatch now supports mouse effects (reapply overwatch patch to enable this)

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers

Download Count: 198
Update Size: 7.57 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.6 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-30 22:14:17
Description: Gradient Color Zones & Sub-Profiles
* Fixed issue with Aurora not launching on Windows startup.
* Added a 10 times retry every 5 seconds for initializing devices. This should help with Windows startup.
* Standardized keyboard layouts.
* Added Sub-Profiles for all profiles. You can share profiles with others by sharing the .json files for the sub-profile.
* Added custom gradients for color zones.
* Added "Arrow Flow" and "Key Wave (filled)" interactive effects.

=Rocket League=
* Updated pointers

Download Count: 204
Update Size: 5.00 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.5 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-15 21:16:51
Description: Skype Integration
* Added Skype Overlay (Found under settings -> Skype Overlay)
* Added a prompt for user when closing Aurora, you can now minimize or exit instead of always minimizing.
* Changed the algorithm for color enhancing for Logitech devices, only dark colors should be affected on a linear scale.
* Increased the Interactive effects max speed to 20x.
* Fixed Aurora issues on exit.
* Fixes for German and Japanese keyboard layouts (Logitech)

=Skype Overlay=
* Included unread messages indicator.
* Included incoming calls indicator.

Download Count: 146
Update Size: 4.91 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.4 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-13 05:04:05
Description: Fixes, optimizations, and layout updates
* Made Notice on keyboard preferences more visible
* Fixed a crash on startup, related to Steam games
* Fixes for Logitech French and German layouts (Corsair and Razer need testing)
* Added a Japanese layout for Logitech (it's incomplete, but should be relatively functional)

=Razer Wrapper=
* Optimized the code

If you had applied the Razer Wrapper with Overwatch before, please reapply it again.

Download Count: 141
Update Size: 4.90 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.3 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-10 08:37:40
Description: LightFX wrapper, support for more games
* Added Preferences for keyboard brand and layout
* Added LightFX wrapper
* Added League of Legends support
* Added Hotline Miami support
* Added The Talos Principle support
* Added two region specific keys to Razer wrapper
* Fixed win key assignments in Shortcut Assistant
* A few German Layout fixes

* Fixed kills indicator checkbox not working properly

=League of Legends=
* League of Legends reacts to player HP, when damaged, healed, or killed.
* Custom Lighting Zones

=Hotline Miami=
* Hotline Miami has a slowly alternating color effect.
* Custom Lighting Zones

=The Talos Principle=
* The Talos Principle changes color based on the puzzle color you are in.
* Custom Lighting Zones

Download Count: 157
Update Size: 4.90 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.2 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-06 21:16:58
Description: Minor fixes and The Division support
* Fixed some spelling mistakes
* Added The Division support

=Logitech Wrapper=
* Optimized the wrapper to work with The Division
Please apply the wrapper again if you had done in a previous version.

=The Division=
* The Division effects are controlled by the game itself

If you had issues with Overwatch support, please install C++ redistributable for 2015.

Download Count: 147
Update Size: 4.83 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.1 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-05 20:40:18
Description: A small fix
* Removed check for Aurora already running on launch

Download Count: 154
Update Size: 4.81 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.4.0 Beta
Release Date: 2016-06-05 17:17:30
Description: Public release for Aurora
* Updated about screen with more appropriate text.
* Added ability to delete multiple keys at once from a Key Sequence.

* Moved Color Zones behind the CPU and RAM indicators.

=Payday 2=
* Added a Game State indicator to resolve some issues with lighting.

Download Count: 144
Update Size: 4.81 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.3.4 Alpha
Release Date: 2016-06-05 01:56:33
Description: An update for testing team.
* Added Shortcuts Assistant.
* Added Nighttime color zone theme support.
* Changed the About text.
* Added more logging, fatal crashes will now log errors.

* Fixed an issue with new lines not displaying correctly.

=Dota 2=
* Added more ability effects.

Download Count: 178
Update Size: 4.89 MB
Download: Download Here

Aurora 0.3.3 Alpha (Minor)
Release Date: 2016-06-04 17:12:02
Description: A Test for updater.
Initial release.

Aurora 0.3.3 Alpha
Release Date: 2016-06-04 17:10:39
Description: A Test for updater.
Initial release.
-Testing new lines
-Do I need to fix updater?

Download Count: 185
Update Size: 4.88 MB
Download: Download Here